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How to apply text styles in Word

How to use text styles in Word

Using text styles in Word makes your document content consistent and easier to edit.

Text styles are a set of attributes that apply to the font, size, colour, paragraph formatting, etc. of the text you see in a document. In our example, the Heading 1 style is 16 pt Calibri in Blue-Gray with paragraph spacing of 18 pt before and 3 pt after, and its line spacing is 18 pt. Thankfully, you don’t need to apply those attributes every time you want to use Heading 1 – the text style does it all for you.

Using text styles saves you time and ensures that your document content is consistent. Most of the template text has a style that is found in the Quick Styles gallery and/or the Styles pane.

To apply Quick Styles:

  • Quick Styles are found on the Home tab in the Quick Styles gallery.

How to apply text styles in Word. The Quick Styles gallery.
The Quick Styles gallery.

  • Select your text and click on the appropriate Quick Style – in this example Heading 1 is selected.

How to apply text styles in Word. Select a Quick Style.
Select a Quick Style.

You can also access text styles via the Styles pane if you prefer. To open the Styles pane:

  • Click the small arrow on the bottom right of the Styles group (or select Alt+Ctrl+Shift+S).

How to apply text styles in Word. The Styles pane.
The Styles pane.

  • Select your text and click on the appropriate Quick Style – in this case Heading 1 is selected.

Sometimes your text may not look quite right even when you’ve applied the correct Quick Style. It could be that the text has some underlying manual formatting. This often happens when pasting text from another document. To fix it, re-select the text, apply Clear Formatting (use the Styles gallery scroll bar on the far left), then re-apply the Quick Style you want.

How to apply text styles in Word. Clear Formatting.
Apply Clear Formatting via the Quick Styles gallery.



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