WordPress plugin review: WooThumbs for WooCommerce

A few weeks back we set up our template shop with WooCommerce. The main image and gallery thumbnails on the individual product pages look OK with WooCommerce default settings, but we wanted more control over how they appear and behave. So the hunt for a suitable plugin began.

Required functions

Aside from a range of options and good looks, key requirements were:

  • Support for product variations
  • Option for magnifier or light-box preview
  • Size and layout settings for the main and gallery thumbnails

The candidates

  • WooCommerce Additional Variation Images. By WooCommerce, $49.
  • Smart Variations Images. By David Rosendo, free and pro €22.
  • WooThumbs for WooCommerce. By Iconic, $49.

WooCommerce Additional Variation Images promised to do the job and I’m certain there would’ve been no issues. However, I felt there were alternatives that offered more features for the same (or lower) price.

I couldn’t get the free version of Smart Variation Images to work on my development server, which meant spending time resolving the issue or trying another option.

So I took the plunge with WooThumbs for WooCommerce, and so far I’m very happy with it.


After installing a new ‘WooThumbs’ item appears in the WooCommerce menu. The settings in this section are split over five tabs:


Determines the size, position and how large the magnified or previewed image will be. There are options for what appears when hovering over the main image.


Controls the transition effects and frequency of images in the main window.


Deals with the gallery thumbnails. Sets their size, position and spacing. Adds or removes controls.

The Navigation screen of the WooThumbs plugin controls the gallery thumbnails on the product page.

The Navigation screen of the WooThumbs plugin controls the gallery thumbnails on the product page.


If you want the magnifier effect when hovering over the main image, this is where that activation and options live.


If you want the main image to open up in a full-screen light-box, you can set that here.


This tab provides scaling and breakpoint settings for the main image and thumbnails on small screens.


This is an excellent product that delivered everything it promised and more. I am impressed with the range of settings and options, particularly with the gallery thumbnails as these can be difficult to get looking and working the way you want. We are not currently using variable products but this plugin again has intuitive menus for adding image variations and it flawlessly switches them on the page.

I found no technical issues on either development or live server and it integrates with our theme (Enfold) perfectly. WooThumbs for WooCommerce is recommended for anyone that wants a high degree of control over their primary product images.