Digital analytics consultancy Word proposal template

Digital analytics consultancy Word proposal template

Word proposal template with cover letter

This client, a digital strategy and analytics consultancy, felt their reports and presentations had become dated. They also didn’t really have a locked down corporate identity so were using documents with varying styles and components. They wanted to refresh their branding while keeping some elements such as the logo and current colour scheme. This revised version would be reflected in Word and PowerPoint templates their team could use effectively and efficiently.

Design requirements

  • Use current logo
  • Use current colours with additional suggestions to create a full palette for use in the templates
  • Add additional elements such as breakout boxes or image treatments
  • Create a professional look with a simple, spacious layout

Production requirements

  • Templates for use on PC and Mac
  • Use an open, sans-serif font available on both platforms
  • Each template had a list of text style, section, and master slide inclusions


  • Letterhead with follower page (Word)
  • Minor proposal for basic reports, updates, etc. (Word)
  • Major proposal including cover letter, executive summary and table of contents (Word)
  • Widescreen presentation for viewing (PowerPoint)
  • A4 print presentation for printing/reading (PowerPoint)

Take a look at the PowerPoint template.