IT business solutions Word bid template

IT business solutions Word bid template

Make It Happen supplied the InDesign mock ups for this suite of Word templates. While the design was relatively straight forward to replicate in Word, the client, an IT business solutions provider, requested that their Word bid template needed two covers and two kinds of section pages that may or may not be used in any given document.

Word doesn’t support ‘master pages’ like InDesign where you can easily place a different layout in the body of the document. That’s not to say you can’t achieve different layouts in Word. You can but this requires the use of section breaks. In our experience, most clients require their Word templates to be as easy to use as possible. Section breaks, although not difficult to master if you’re willing to spend half an hour or so familiarising yourself with them, can be tricky for users with zero to minimal Word skills.

We found the easiest solution to the multiple cover, etc. request was to include a full page graphic (with text) that users copied to the appropriate document location. (Creating building blocks was not an option in this instance.)

We created a series of 10 Word templates for the following stationery and proposal (or bid) items:

  • ASX Announcement
  • Consultant Profile
  • Generic Large Template
  • Generic Template
  • Letterhead
  • Master Bid Template with A3 pages
  • Master Bid Template
  • Media Release
  • Meeting Agenda
  • Meeting Minutes

Click here to see the Consultant Profile template.