Advisory agency Word report template

Advisory agency Word report template

Page samples from the Word report featuring table of contents and graphic elements.

This advisory agency was using InDesign for their reports and wanted to create a replacement Word report based on their current branding so staff could easily revise/update their content without calling on the services of a graphic designer.

The brief

Document text styles included:

  • Front cover (with the option to change the image)
  • Contents page
  • Executive summary
  • Text page with 4 levels of headings
  • Bullet and numbered list with 4 levels
  • Footnote style
  • Image placeholders

Design features required:

  • Pull out quote
  • Diagonal graphic treatment
  • Icons in headings
  • Table and pie chart examples
  • Custom colour palette

Document design

First of all, we studied the existing report samples and noticed a number of different page layouts in use, e.g., single-column, two-column, etc. Replicating these kinds of layouts in Word requires the use of section breaks on each page. Section breaks can be tricky to use—inadvertently deleting them can ruin the document’s formatting—so we try to use them as sparingly as possible. We wanted the new layout to be clean and consistent so we decided on a single-column format.

We created a wide right-hand margin with ‘floating’ graphic elements so add interest to the page design. The graphic elements—breakout box, image placeholders, etc.—could be moved or ‘dragged’ anywhere in the document. We also utilised full-width elements such as tables and a wide image treatment designed to break up text-heavy pages. This layout did not require section breaks which made it easy-to-use.

The client requested a PowerPoint presentation template (you can see it here) in addition to the report template.

We were very pleased with the final template(s) but, most importantly, the client was too, saying: “… the staff here are so impressed, I think your design will make our work look so much more professional. They look so great.”