Change picture in a Powerpoint shape

In some of our PowerPoint templates we fill shapes with pictures to create a mask effect, and it’s easy to edit or change these pictures. We have a post and video tutorial on how to do this in Word but the process in PowerPoint is much the same:

Step 1

Right-click on the picture and select Format Picture… from the bottom of the menu that appears.

PowerPoint 2010 format picture

Right-click on the picture, select ‘Format Picture’.

Step 2

Select the Fill tab from the top of the menu, choose Picture or texture fill from the fill options, then click the File… button to navigate to the picture you want to use. Select the picture then click the Insert button.

PowerPoint 2010 format picture from file

Choose ‘Picture or texture fill’, select a picture from ‘File’, click ‘Insert’.

Step 3

In some instances, the picture will be the wrong dimensions for the shape, in which case the picture will appear stretched when inserted. To fix this select the Format tab under the Picture Tools ribbon menu at the top of the screen. To the right of the menu click the down-arrow of the Crop button and click Fill from the drop-down menu. This will restore the correct ratio by re-sizing the pic to either the height or width of the shape and hiding (or masking) any image beyond the boundary of the shape.

PowerPoint 2010 resize picture

Select ‘Fill’ under the ‘Crop’ button to resize the picture in its placeholder.

Step 4

Any hidden (or masked) parts of the image will appear greyed-out (pictured below). To set the image simply click and drag it into the desired position. Right-clicking outside of the image area will de-select the image. To re-adjust the image position, select the image, go into the Picture Tools menu, Format tab (as per step 3) and click the Crop tool button.

PowerPoint 2010 reposition picture

Use the ‘Crop’ tool button to click and drag the picture into position.