Change individual template colours

Each template is designed with its own built-in colour palette. To change a colour in the palette or create a new one:

  • On the Design tab, click the drop-down arrow on the Colors button.

    Change individual template colours 1

    Word template colour palettes are found on the Design tab

  • The in-built colour palettes are displayed—in this example, Red is the colour palette—then select Customize Colors.

    Change individual template colours 2

    The Customize Colors option is at the end of the colour palette list (click to expand)

The Create New Theme Colors dialog box is launched.

Change individual template colours 3

The Create New Theme Colors dialog box (click to expand)

  • Click the drop-down arrow beside the colour(s) you want to change. In this example, we’ll change Accent 1.

The Theme Colors dialog box appears.

Change individual template colours 4

Edit one or more colours in the palette (click to expand)

  • Choose a new colour from either Standard Colors or More Colors. We’ve selected the bright green from the Standard Colors selection.
  • Re-name the Theme from Custom 1 to something more memorable.
  • Click the Save button.

All the text styles and elements in the template using the original red colour will now be bright green. You can, of course, change as many colours in the palette as you wish.

Change individual template colours 5

Text and graphic elements changed from red to bright green (click to expand)