Colour palette 3: Barscene

Inspired by a Melbourne bar, we created this bright colour palette especially for use in Word and PowerPoint. Barscene is the perfect palette for a contemporary look and would suit posters, menus or anything requiring a bold personality. The RGB breakdowns read from left to right.

Barscene palette

Dark 2. Black: R10; G6; B1..
Light 2. White: R255; G255; B254.
Accent 1. Purple: R82; G39; B91.
Accent 2. Yellow-Orange: R255; G172; B105.
Accent 3. Red: R170; G33; B14.
Accent 4. Pink: R217; G123; B254.
Accent 5. Blue: R75; G46; B176.
Accent 6. Orange: R255; G114; B48.

Create your own palette

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Inspired to create your own colour palette? Our help guides Change the template colours for Word and Change the template colours for PowerPoint will show you how.

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