Hide sample & online templates from MS Office 2010

When opening a new Word 2010 template, you may want to display a set of custom templates instead of the ones that appear in the File > New > Available Templates pane. It’s relatively easy to hide Word’s sample and default templates, you just need to change a couple of Registry keys. Hide MS Office […]

Add trim marks in Word using Acrobat Pro

Adding trim marks in Word 2010 is easy using Acrobat Pro 10.1.3. If your standard Word document cover page ‘bleeds’ – i.e., the colour on the page extends beyond its edge – don’t spoil the design with an ugly white border from your printer, use trim marks. Trim marks (a.k.a. crop marks) are guides used […]

Add ‘lorem ipsum’ text to docs

Sometimes when creating templates or documents in Word 2010, you need some ‘placeholder’ text on the page to fill empty text boxes. Although it flows like normal text, lorem ipsum text looks like gibberish and is not meant to be read; it’s meant to illustrate how a text style will look on the page. I […]

Format Painter tool & keyboard shortcuts

Word 2010’s Format Painter tool copies formatting from one item to the other. Here’s how you can apply the formatting to multiple items. Quick tip: In the Home tab, click the Format Painter button twice to apply formatting to multiple selections of text. Just remember to click on the Format Painter button (or press the Esc […]

How to convert Word docs to clean HTML

If you convert a Word 2010 doc into an HTML web page by using ‘Save as > Web Page’, the resulting file will be filled with a lot of extraneous Word-specific code. It can be time consuming to strip this out to leave clean HTML code. It’s easy enough to do with a graphical editor such […]