Colour palette 2: Blue Tile

We created this cool blue palette for use in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. It could inspire a nice corporate identity for financial services or environmental consultant businesses . The RGB breakdowns read from left to right. Blue Tile palette Dark 2. Dark blue: R64; G65; B89. Light 2. Pale grey: R229; G216; B204. Accent 1. Blue 1: […]

Colour palette 1: Pumpkin

We created this warm, earthy colour palette for use in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. It’s ideal for food or artisanal blogs, websites, newsletters. The RGB breakdowns read from left to right. Pumpkin palette Dark 2. Dark green: R52; G61; B38. Light 2. Pale grey: R218; G220; B230. Accent 1. Orange: R193; G107; B34. Accent 2. […]

Make the most out of Word’s Mini Toolbar

If you’re using Word, you’ve probably noticed that a dialog box appears each time you select text. This is the Mini Toolbar and it is basically a compact version of the Font group (with Format Painter and a bit of the Paragraph group thrown in). The Mini Toolbar allows you to apply formatting, e.g. fonts, […]

Inserting Building Blocks into a Word document

Building blocks are pre-formatted elements that are found in the Quick Part gallery of a template. You can save just about anything as a building block – tables, charts, text, images, etc. We have created them for landscape pages, cover pages, logos and icons, and more. Inserting building blocks into a Word document is easy. Here’s how: […]

Understanding Word text styles

Using text styles in Word increases productivity, keeps documents consistent, and makes revising content easy. When you create a new document and start entering text, that text has the attributes of Word’s default ‘Normal’ text style. Styles are basically a collection of attributes that is applied to text whenever that style is used. Let’s take a […]