MS Office desktop templates in Office365

We’ve recently looked at how Word & PowerPoint templates created in MS Office on the desktop behave in Office365. We found that templates stored in an Office365 folder (i.e., in SharePoint or OneDrive) can be previewed online but not edited or used as the basis of new documents. At least, not in the same way […]

Change the radius on a rounded rectangle in Word

To change the radius on a Word rounded rectangle: Draw the rectangle. Select it and note the yellow square at the top left of the shape. Click on the yellow square and drag it to the required radius. Use the same method to change the radius on a PowerPoint rounded rectangle.

How to install MS Office theme files

A standard Microsoft Office theme has three parts: A theme file – (in .thmx format) – contains theme information and points to the supporting colours and fonts files. A colours file – (in.xml format) – defines the color palatte. A fonts file – (in.xml format) – defines the heading and body fonts scheme. A theme […]

Colour palette 3: Barscene

Inspired by a Melbourne bar, we created this bright colour palette especially for use in Word and PowerPoint. Barscene is the perfect palette for a contemporary look and would suit posters, menus or anything requiring a bold personality. The RGB breakdowns read from left to right. Barscene palette Dark 2. Black: R10; G6; B1.. Light […]

Spell check not working in Word

It can be frustrating when the spell check is not working in Word. We’ve had a couple of instances where the spell check didn’t work in one or two of our templates. Here’s how we fixed the problem … Spell check on individual text styles Sometimes the spell check not working can stem from a […]