Word document accessibility: checking and improving

We had a recent client query asking whether images used in our Word templates were compliant with government document accessibility guidelines. Document accessibility is basically ensuring that a document can be read (often with a screen reader) by people of all abilities. Having worked with a number of State government departments and agencies, we are […]

Make the most out of Word’s Mini Toolbar

If you’re using Word, you’ve probably noticed that a dialog box appears each time you select text. This is the Mini Toolbar and it is basically a compact version of the Font group (with Format Painter and a bit of the Paragraph group thrown in). The Mini Toolbar allows you to apply formatting, e.g. fonts, […]

Inserting Building Blocks into a Word document

Building blocks are pre-formatted elements that are found in the Quick Part gallery of a template. You can save just about anything as a building block – tables, charts, text, images, etc. We have created them for landscape pages, cover pages, logos and icons, and more. Inserting building blocks into a Word document is easy. Here’s how: […]