My top-5 free WordPress plugins for 2013

There are 28,029 plugins on the site at the time of writing, nearly double the 14,832 available when I first compiled this list two years ago. This is my current top five free* WordPress plugins. They cover a range of functions but have three things in common: they’re highly configurable; they work as advertised, and […]

Update intranet pages with KompoZer

I recently created a series of pages for a client’s intranet site. Any decent intranet CMS (content management system) will feature an intuitive editor to help create and maintain a page’s underlying HTML code. This is fine for straightforward text but my client wanted extra CSS styling and javascript effects, neither of which are available via […]

How to convert Word docs to clean HTML

If you convert a Word 2010 doc into an HTML web page by using ‘Save as > Web Page’, the resulting file will be filled with a lot of extraneous Word-specific code. It can be time consuming to strip this out to leave clean HTML code. It’s easy enough to do with a graphical editor such […]

Easy WordPress server name function

When developing the WordPress theme for this website, I found I was making copies of the URL of my local development server (i.e. in the text of pages, posts, widgets, and in my theme’s functions.php file. This was bothersome for an obvious reason – all these URLs have to be updated before transferring to […]